Electronic Wires in Communications Cable

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Communication cables, LAN cables, data cables and control cables all use electronic wire bundled inside the jacket. Electronic wire products can also be called lead wire, hook up wire or MTW wire but the characteristics of the wire insulation match the cable jacket. Multiconductor Communication Cables The term “multiconductor” states that the cables has multiple electronic [...]

Stranding Options For Welding Cable

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There are usually different stranding options for hook up wire, electrical wire and even welding cable. Most all types of wire and cable offer at least two stranding options which are geared towards flexibility. As the copper strands get bigger the flexibility goes down so manufacturers will use more of a smaller size to match [...]

AWG Sizes of MC Electrical Wire

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AWG stands for American Wire Gauge which is a standard used to determine the amount of power a copper strand can produce based on its diameter. For instance, a strand of copper with a diameter of .05” is considered 16 AWG wire and, therefore, it’s understood that it will conduct a certain amount of electricity. [...]

24 AWG Hook Up Wire Tinned Copper

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Make sure you ask questions, or do your own research, about the types of 24 AWG hook up wire before you buy it because there are many different kinds. Some have tinned copper strands, some have bare copper strands and some even have silver or nickel plated strands which each designate something completely different. They [...]

MC Cable 6-4 Compared To Romex® NMB Cable

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MC and Romex® NMB electrical cables are both very similar but appear completely different because of how they look from the outside. MC cable has an aluminum interlocked jacket for a special purpose and Romex® NMB cable has a standard PVC jacket. Type MC also has an insulated ground wire in the color green rather [...]

Electrical Wire 1/0 Stranded Bare Copper

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Electrical wire is a broad term used for many different types of wire but it mainly points towards THHN wire dual rated with the approval THWN. THHN 1/0 wire is a very common type of wire used in the electrical industry which you may have also heard it described as building wire or water resistant [...]

UL1015 18 AWG Hook Up Wire VS TFFN 18 AWG

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Both UL1015 and TFFN 18 AWG wire have their advantages and disadvantages compared to each other and they can actually be used in place of each other in many instances. UL1015 is slightly inferior to TFFN wire because it doesn’t have the ability to be used outdoors or in conduit applications. However, UL1015 does have [...]

UL1283 6 AWG Electrical Wire With Tinned Copper Strands

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UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, has become so popular in the wire and cable industry that customers and suppliers actually call out a wire by the UL number. UL1283 is a type of hook up wire with PVC insulation and tinned copper strands. There are 133 strands of 30 AWG copper that make up a 6 [...]

Is Flexible Welding Cable 1/0 UL Approved?

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There are two types of welding cable for exactly that reason. One is UL approved, along with many other approvals, and one does not have any approvals in order to offer it at a lower cost. It should state on the suppliers website if the cable you are buying is UL, CSA or MSHA approved [...]

THHN Electrical Wiring For Your Home

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If you’re looking to save money by ordering the electrical wiring for you home on your own then you should get very familiar with THHN wire. You might hear other terms such as Romex® or bare copper but finish this article and you’ll understand why THHN is the main piece of the puzzle. It seems [...]